Small Guide For The Camping Beginner

Small Guide For The Camping Beginner

Just around the corner is that camping trip you have longed for but since you will be camping for the first time you may not be sure of what you should exactly do.

Well, here is a small beginner guide that should help you out.

First consider the essential camping equipment starting with the most obvious and crucial stuff:

Tents for shelter, sleeping bag and sleeping pads for a comfortable night, headlamps, lanterns and flashlights for use at night where LED is best preferred. You will also need a water filtration system or bring along clean bottled water although some campsites have fresh water available.

In case you will be going for a hike make sure you carry your hiking boots as they do good in many place or hiking shoes for comfort. One should never forget to carry a paper map for direction and learn how to read it even though a GPS is available. One could easily print a map online or get one at the ranger station at the entrance of the park.

Lastly remember to add a first aid kit in you parking list for except the usual aspirins and bandages some stuff like bug sprayers, aloe vera for burns and moleskin for blisters are very important during camping and also remember to check any relevant rules to your stay to make sure all your kit is compliant. Well there obviously are mistakes beginners make during camping which you should avoid making. To start with, many people do not research where they are going. It is important for one to read up on where he is going; conditions, weather and such facilities as water and toilets.

Other people do not try their equipment before leaving home. To avoid frustrations one should always make sure he can operate the equipment and it also is working. It is also not advisable to rely on campfire to cook since it takes long to light and it could also be illegal to light fires at the campsite upon being banned by the authorities. Also some people end up spending more over time after purchasing cheap stuff instead of quality stuff a mistake people make.

Some people are used to being late but such end up suffering since upon arriving late one stands a chance of getting a poor camping spot or finding no spot at all. It is important for a beginner to remember the mistakes most people make and work hard to avoid them for a nice camping time and for him to enjoy his stay at the site. Also by following the guidelines above you as the beginner will surely appreciate camping and love nature even more.

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