Bringing Your Pet Camping

Bringing Your Pet Camping

Know your pet’s camping character

Before you embark on a wilderness experience, it’s crucial to assess your pet dog’s camp-readiness. Maybe it’s time to take that week long backpacking journey you’ve been thinking about!

Be truthful about your pet’s personality, and plan your journey accordingly. If you’re uncertain, attempt taking a few excursion and picnics prior to preparing a camp out.
Research dog-friendly sites
There’s nothing worse than hitting the road with your four-legged good friend, just to reach your destination and discover a No Pet dogs Permitted indication. Whatever sort of outdoor camping trip you want, make certain to call ahead or research online to find dog-friendly campsites and trails. Look at leash laws, too; some camping areas just welcome restrained family pets, whereas others are fine with your canine being off-leash as long as she’s under voice control (and you pick up the poop, obviously).
Refresh your pet’s camp-friendly training

Whether you’re movinged towards a back-country trek or a camping area off the highway, your dog will require a dependable recall command to keep her out of danger (and away from other campers who might not be so into pet dogs). You need to likewise review the “leave it” command in case you come across snakes, bears, or other wildlife on the path.

It’s a good idea to do some outside training sessions before your huge camping trip; this ASPCA overview of training your canine for outside adventures is a great location to start.
Get ready for emergency situations
Prior to you leave on your outdoor camping journey, make a laminated card with your canine’s identifying information, vaccination record, and health history, plus all of your contact information. You should likewise make sure your pet’s microchip information and tags are updated.

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