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11 Reasons to Go Camping

11 Reasons to Go Camping

While costs eternity in bed with nutella and a laptop is wildly attractive, there are other activities that can be well worth your time. Like going outside! And sleeping there too! Outdoor camping is a great way to be adventurous, make great memories, and hang out with some high quality people. Here are eleven reasons of the lots have to go outdoor camping, total with pictures that will make you want to be outside 99% of the time.

1. The Great Outdoors is terrific

Whether you’re camping on the beach or in the forests, you’ll discover that your environments are lovely, complete with fresh air and the possibility of some stunning daybreaks and sundowns.

2. Escaping consistent technology

We’re all pretty addicted to our phones and our Netflix these days, so the thought of no wifi and 4G sounds a little frightening, but you’ll find it’s surprisingly great to concentrate on things aside from how to remain in bed all the time and watch seventeen consecutive episodes of Friends.

3. Camping tent talks

Staying up late in your camping tent, speaking about whatever and anything is a really fantastic way to bond with individuals. You might discover that you understand people way much better after spending a couple nights bonding in the tents.

4. The stars!

You might think you can see the stars in the house, however without the light pollution, you can see many more, and they look brighter too.

5. Campfires

It appears like it’s straight out of the films- people making s’mores and singing around the campfire, but it really occurs. And it’s definitely fantastic.

6. Food

It definitely isn’t a 5 star dining establishment, and powdered eggs may look like science gone too far, but food cooked out in the wilderness is its own unique kind of delicious that come with the time and adventure that entered into it. Where else could you barbecue hot dogs over a fire or choose to make sixteen portions of hash browns for supper?

7. Close-by experiences

Often, camping areas are positioned near other fun activities. Whether that activity is rock climbing, trekking, kayaking, or anything else, outdoor camping provides you an opportunity to spend several days adventuring.

8. Woods crazy

If you’re going on a longer trip, it seems that woods insane is inevitable. It’s not maniacal bin insane, simply the very best kind of crazy where whatever and everyone is silly, and you can’t stop laughing. It simply makes for an enjoyable time for all.

9. The other people you’ll fulfill

Fellow campers who have great stories to tell, campground owners who drop in with an extra bundle of firewood, you find that you fulfill the kindest and most interesting people while outdoor camping.

10. It’s an experience

There isn’t anything like taking a break from the real life to go invest some quality times with nature and some cool individuals. It’s as easy as that.

11. If all else fails, you’ve got a terrific story

When it rains from the 2nd you show up until simply after you leave requiring you to get genuine imaginative to stay warm and dry, when you unintentionally set your outdoor camping range on fire, when you do not realize just how much food you’re making and all of a sudden you way a lot of portions and way too few individuals, you may get quite disappointed. But offer it a little time, and when you look back it’ll make you laugh and provide a great story to tell.

What To Pack For Your Camping Trip

What To Pack For Your Camping Trip

A camping trip is always something that elicits a lot of excitement. In this excitement, however, one is bound to forget to carry very crucial stuff that would help to make the trip a success. If you are one of those who has a problem figuring out everything you need for camping, this is a good a time as any to write a checklist of things to pack for your camping trip:

Sleeping Material

Camping is all about the outdoors, which means that sleeping, eating and all activities happen outdoors. A tent will act as the roof over your head during the entire period of your trip, so forgetting it will technically render you ‘homeless’ and out sleeping in the cold. Ensure to add a good sleeping bag, some sheets, blankets, pillow, and anything you deem necessary to make your sleeping arrangement comfortable.


It is imperative that you carry the right outfits to suit the outdoor activities you will engage in e.g warm heavy jacket, t-shirts, shorts, jeans, a hat or a bandana to cover your hair, swimsuit for that dip in the river or swimming pool, toiletry bag, socks, and some underwear of course.


Make sure you pack flat (comfortable) shoes, boots if you prefer. Whether you are a lady or a guy, make sure that the shoes you carry are comfortable for long distance walks in any terrain. Needless to say, ladies, this is not the time to showcase your heels. Pack in those flat shoes and throw in a pair of extra socks or two while at it.

First aid kit

Camping is not for the fainthearted. One way or another, you might end up with insect bites, bruises from falls, piercings from thorny bushes, swellings, sores from too much walking or such rigorous activity. Not forgetting the sunburns and allergies. A first aid kit will help you deal with these unforeseen inconveniences. Don’t forget some painkillers too for thwarting minor pains.

The small (yet important) stuff

These items always seem so basic but are really important in making any camping trip a success. We are talking about items like a lighter for starting a fire, a flashlight, a map, a compass (or connectivity to GPS), a whistle, a pocket knife, watch, safety pin, duct tape, notebook and a pen. You will need these items at a point and you will be glad to have packed them.
As you pack for your camping trip, always remember that the success of that trip relies heavily on your preparedness for it.

Things To Know Before Going For A Camping Trip

Things To Know Before Going For A Camping Trip

Outdoor camping is one of the best getaways from work, stress or whatever else you want to escape from. But, it can also be very strenuous, stressful and dangerous to the campers if there is poor preparation, so in this article we are going to look at some of the things we should always be aware of.

Before going on a camping trip and exploring the wilderness, adventurers should carefully plan everything ahead of the time.

Here are the following essential tips and guidelines you need to consider to make your trip more fun, thrilling, unforgettable and most of all, safe and protected.

You Must Choose an Interesting yet Harmless Campsite

We have all seen it in movie clips – campers that dare to go on unfamiliar regions and wilds, they start getting lost or at worst, getting chased by wild animals. So, to steer yourself away from this horror, you need to carefully choose a site that is risk-free yet offers exciting adventures.

Don’t go with locations that are known for many reported missing individuals. You do not want to become the next Blair Witch Project.

If you are taking kids or minors with you in the out of doors adventures, all the more you should intensify your preparations. You can ask your fellow campers of the best places camping sites to backpack, hike, or pitch your tents safely.

Know the Terrain of Your Campsite

Knowing about your campsite is not enough to assure your safety. You need to be informed of the terrain. Like for example, if your camping site is near the water, you have to make sure that you camping far enough in order to prevent your equipment getting when once the high tides occur. Don’t forget to bring maps, and get familiarize yourself of the landmarks in the area so you are aware how to get out of the place if required.

Bring the Important Supplies

Essential supplies that you must bring with you are the first aid kits, medical supplies, water, flashlights, and cutting tools like the jack knife, spare batteries, smartphone, and charger. All these supplies can help you handle emergency situations and even make you trouble free. It is always a good idea to plan and prepare everything so that when bad things happen, you know what to do.
Bring the Right Outdoor Equipment

By outdoor equipment, it means having the right and quality bags, camping gear such as tents and tent holders, jackets, climbing and hiking gear. All these things are very important to your outdoor camping travel.

You need to make sure that you are carrying handy and useful tools and equipment so that you can pack smart and travel light.